Blending Units

Tea blending is the art of bringing together teas from different regions of the world to create one perfectly balanced cup a tea.

This process requires both experience and expertise from the blender and their goal is to ensure that "Every blend must taste as good as the previous one".

To ensure this consistency of taste, colour and quality is achieved every time, industry proven techniques and dedicated tea blending personnel are tasked with achieving these goals.

As the world's largest producer of bulk tea, McLeod Russel has two state-of-the-art tea blending units - the Nilpur Blending Unit, in Assam and the Dubai Blending Unit, in Dubai. Both these blending units are extremely well-equipped with leading-edge technology, high-end machinery and an experienced staff.

Location Our state-of-the-art tea blending unit in Nilpur, Assam is located along the main highway on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River. The unit borders one of the company's flagship tea estates, Pertabghur Tea Estate.
Blending Capacity The Nilpur Blending Unit has a blending capacity of up to 40 tonnes of tea every day. The facility houses two separate bulk blending line that can blend Orthodox and CTC tea varieties. The facility blends exclusively for McLeod Russel's Western European, Asian and North American clientele.
Packaging and Warehousing The bulk blends created at the Nilpur Unit are packaged in different forms using the various packaging options offered by the facility. The different types of packaging options ensure that there is no gap in meeting the requirements of customers globally. The Nilpur Blending Unit also has ample warehousing facilities to hold the equivalent of twenty 40ft containers of stock.
Quality Control & Accreditations In May 2008, Nilpur got the globally renowned HACCP accreditation. This has enabled the supply of customized blends to various customers who need this certification for their personal internal audit processes. We adopt a comprehensive quality control programme that helps guarantee that blend standards are coordinated to the exacting level required by our clients. Our global clients have found this particular blending solution to be of enormous worth. The facility provides our clients with flexibility and commercial edge. Furthermore, our estate's teas have international accreditations such as HACCP, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Ethical Tea Partnership and are GMP/SAP & EU MRL compliant.
Location McLeod Russel Middle East DMCC has been established at the Dubai Tea Trading Centre (DTTC) with an eye to offer our clientele customized blends, in the Jebel Ali Free Zone. Dubai enjoys the status of being a key business hub. It is also labelled as an emergent center for the tea trade owing to its proximity to both the tea growing regions as well as the tea consuming areas.
    Facilities offered by the Dubai Tea Trading Centre (DTTC) set up in 2005 -
  • Teabag packing:Temperature-controlled tea bag packaging facility has the capacity to package a variety of tea bags, including both paper envelopes and service types.
  • Loose Tea Packing:Packing from 50 grams to 1 kg of loose tea on vertical form fill seal machines, for both CTC and Orthodox teas.
  • Blending:A two-tonne blending system that can perform blending of both CTC and Orthodox teas.
  • Storage:The storage establishment has the capacity to stock up to 5,000 metric tonnes of bulk tea, with all stocks being palletized and stockpiled within racks.
Dubai The Dubai team of McLeod Russel is accountable for regional marketing and value addition of teas from all origins, particularly Assam, Vietnam, Uganda and Rwanda. They are also able to source and blend other origin tea from outside our groups' portfolio. This allows the team to offer clients a readymade product either in bulk or packet form.